You all would agree that a wide range of gaming gadgets are there to help you entertain and keep you engaged in the gaming world.

However, indeed Ps4 is still the top choice for all gaming lovers. If you are one of them, you would have the idea that an hour with PS4 can make your day and enough to help you relieve your stress.

To keep up with the advancing gaming technologies, PS4 introduced the remote play feature. Through which, one can play remotely on their laptop by simply pairing it up.

This feature is easily available in Windows 10. However, you still need a few ingredients to complete your remote connectivity, like Wi-Fi with 15 Mbps downloading speed.

But hang on.

We have an alternative for you if you don’t have this amazing speed. Read below to know how to connect PS4 to a laptop without remote play and keep up with your gaming plans tonight.

Connecting PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play – Things That You Will Need

The simple answer for connecting PS4 to a laptop without remote play is by capture card. Now, let’s discuss some science about how it works. And what is the logic behind it? So, you can learn everything about this amazing hack.

You can connect your laptop with your PS4 to make it a PS4 display via HDMI encoders. However, the screen resolution will not suffice your need as this method can result in low image quality.

Therefore, using HDMI encoders is not always a safe option. So, let’s jump to what’s safe, quick, and easy- and that is through a capture card. With the help of a capture card, you can use both together; the laptop screen and the PS4 screen. To make this happen, all you need are a few things:

  • USB-C port in laptop
  • The cable that is USB-C to USB-A connectable
  • Cable’s compatibility with USB 3.0
Connecting PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play
Connecting PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play

Step By Step Guide for How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play

Here is the step-by-step guide that we made for you to make your life easier. Just make sure that you have the essentials mentioned above and follow these steps.

1.    Download the Control Centre

Depending on your gaming capture card type, you can either opt for a control center program or game capture. However, the bottom line is that control center programs can differ due to OS versions.

Now connect HDMI out-port and in-port via HDMI cable on your capture card. This can only be done once you download the control center program. So, make sure you download it successfully before linking the ports.

3.    Power Your Capture Card

At this point, the USB-C port of your capture card would be carrying video signals. Simply plug it into the capture card and power it. It will start getting video signals. Now, at this point, you can insert a USB-A cable to the USB 3.0 port of your laptop.

Power Your Capture Card
Power Your Capture Card

4.    Start Game Capture and Enjoy

Once both capture card and PS4 are connected, you can launch a game capture program. Wait for a few seconds as the card takes a few seconds to start. Once the capture card identifies the unit, it will approve the video signals. You can now enjoy the rest.

5.    Fixing Hacks

If your capture card is not recognizing and approving video signals, you can follow this hack.

Try to set the gaming unit manually. For that, you need to tap or click on the gear icon on the capture card and select PS-4 in gamer section choices. This way, you can input the PS4 on the keyboard, and it will help you remember to take the PS4 back home.

PS4 to Laptop
PS4 to Laptop

Method 3: In-Home Streaming (Steam)

  1. Requirements:
    • A laptop with Steam installed.
    • A PlayStation Network (PSN) account.
    • Steps:
  2. Ensure your PS4 and laptop are connected to the same network.
  3. On your PS4, go to “Settings” > “Remote Play Connection Settings” and enable “Remote Play.
  4. On your laptop, open Steam and log in with your PSN account.
  5. Click “Steam” in the top-left corner and select “Settings.”
  6. In the “Remote Play” section, click “Enable Remote Play.”
  7. Click “OK” to install the necessary components.
  8. Connect a DualShock 4 controller to your laptop using a USB cable.
  9. Click “Start Playing” to launch your PS4 games on your laptop.

Steps To Keep in Mind

This section of the article underlines this process’s key points that you should always keep in mind.

  • It would help if you had all the essential ports and cables before you planned to connect PS4 to the laptop without remote play.
  • You will need a keyboard for input
  • You can pair it with any laptop screen as PS4 will not depend on the specs of your laptop

Expert Tips:

  1. Low Input Lag: When using an HDMI cable connection or capture card, ensure you have a low-latency display on your laptop for a smoother gaming experience.
  2. Audio Connection: For sound, you may need to route audio separately through your laptop or use external speakers/headphones connected to your PS4.
  3. Capture Card Quality: Invest in a good-quality capture card for minimal lag and high-quality graphics.
  4. Network Settings: Make sure both your PS4 and laptop are on the same network to enable easy sharing of content.


I hope we were able to make you understand that How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play. Before you start enjoying gaming night, make sure you have all the requisites and follow each step accordingly. Only then can you ensure a smooth gaming night (or gaming day)