Overheating Laptop – How You Can Fix It While Gaming?

Gaming is the passion of youth, and people cannot resist laptops by comfortably sitting on their couches because of the portability of laptops. But it is also true that gaming laptops create the most uncomfortable heating, so you must check the efficiency of your laptop’s cooling system; if you find any issue with the cooling system, you must contact the nearest technician to fix overheating. 

But in this case, you have to stop gaming, so if you are looking forward to the answer to this question, how to cool down laptop while gaming? Then read this article, which will explain how you can play the long gaming sessions on your laptop by keeping its temperature optimum. Let’s move forward!

Steps to Avoid Overheating Laptop 

Overheating is one of the significant problems of laptops, and people have to compromise until they do not find a valid solution. If you are also wondering what to do, then give a read to these convenient steps that will surely guide you about how to cool down laptop while gaming? Let’s move ahead without further ado!

Step No: 01 

Place the Laptop on the Desk Properly 

The appropriate placement of the laptop is the most important when you are using the laptop for long hours, or even if you use the laptop for a few minutes, you must ensure the criteria of placement; otherwise, you will face overheating. 

Laptops must be placed on the desk or any hard surface as the rubber feet of the laptop will elevate it from the bottom surface and ensures the proper ventilation; on the other hand, when you place the laptop on the bed or in your lap, you block the vents, and this creates much more heat. 

Alternatively, to pull an insufficient amount of cool air in the laptop, you can place the laptop in your lap by keeping a book or box under the laptop so that the ventilation remains unaffected with the help of this stand. 

Step No: 02 

Avoid Dust Accumulation

The second step to cool down the laptop while gaming is avoiding dust accumulation because dust creates the blockage of the vents and fans. To ensure the smoother passage of air through the vents, you must clean the laptop after every three to six months. 

Moreover, for cleaning, you just have to turn the laptop off, and with the help of compressed air, which is already enclosed in a can or through a vacuum cleaner, you have to clean all the nooks and corners so that not a single particle of dust remains in the vents. 

By holding the laptop from its sides, the fan grill would be exposed, and then by bringing the can closer, spray the grills and tilt the laptop to clean it from every angle. Repeat the whole process for each intake.

dusty laptop
dusty laptop

Step No: 03 

Get a Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad

No doubt taking the above illustrated measures will help you keep the laptop cool, but you can also use a laptop cooler or a cooling pad for this purpose. These highly affordable cooling pads are the simplest to operate and are powered by the USB. 

You just have to place them under the laptop’s surface and then plug them into your laptop’s USB port; that will help the fans work properly, which helps lower the laptop’s temperature, and you can play games on your laptop unlimitedly. 

Get a Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad
Get a Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad

Method 4: Cooling Software

Expertise Required: Low

There are several software options that can help manage your laptop’s temperature:

  1. Fan Control Software: Download and install fan control software like SpeedFan or MSI Afterburner to manually adjust fan speeds.
  2. Laptop Cooling Software: Some laptops come with pre-installed cooling software that allows you to optimize fan speed and performance.

Method 5: Monitor and Adjust Game Settings

Expertise Required: Low

Adjusting in-game settings can significantly reduce the strain on your laptop’s hardware:

  1. Lower Graphics Settings: Reduce graphic settings such as resolution, texture quality, and anti-aliasing to ease the workload on your GPU.
  2. Frame Rate Limit: Cap the frame rate to reduce GPU and CPU usage. This can also help maintain a more stable temperature.
  3. V-Sync: Enabling V-Sync can limit your frame rate to your monitor’s refresh rate, preventing excessive rendering that generates heat.

Expert Tips:

  1. External Cooling Fans: Consider using external USB-powered cooling fans in addition to a cooling pad for extra airflow.
  2. Room Temperature: Ensure your gaming environment has adequate ventilation and is at a comfortable room temperature.
  3. Optimal Placement: Place your laptop on a hard, flat surface to facilitate proper ventilation.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Clean your laptop’s cooling system regularly to prevent dust buildup.
  5. External GPU: If possible, use an external GPU (eGPU) to offload graphics-intensive tasks from your laptop’s internal GPU.
  6. Apply Thermal Paste: If you’re comfortable with hardware maintenance, consider applying fresh thermal paste to your laptop’s CPU and GPU. This can improve heat transfer and reduce temperatures


If you have done all e measures but are still facing unbearable heat from your laptop, then be aware because you have to urgently contact a technician as your laptop has some hardware or software issue that will ultimately destroy the functionality of your laptop. 

Wrap Up on How to cool down laptop while gaming

Are you having some problems with your laptop temperature? Is it still working but generates lots of heat while gaming, and do you want to fix it?

Then you can do this easily with the help of cleaning, keeping the laptop in the proper placement, and using the laptop cooler, which is also known as a laptop cooling pad powered by one of the USB ports of your laptop. Play unlimited games by using these precautionary measures by saving the efficiency of your laptop!