Fixing the Laptop Screen – How to Manage Without Replacing It?

Laptop screens are most likely to be damaged with routine wear and tear, and the reason is their fragility as just a slight contact with a hard surface can result from a major crack that ultimately spoils the real essence of working on a laptop. Some people do not bother and keep working on the damaged screen. Still, it is highly unreliable as this may lead to severe and unrepairable damage to the machinery of your laptop. 

So, if you suddenly open your laptop and find its screen damaged, do not panic and analyze the severity of damage and assess the type of damage. Ask a professional person to fix the issue, or you can replace the screen too. But people usually ask this question how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it? 

If you are also curious to know, scroll your screens down to explore the answer!

How to Repair the Damaged Screen without Replacing It?

If you want to replace the screen and fix the damaged screen, then many temporary ways can help you in this regard. You can use baking soda, a plastic bag, or other liquid adhesives used to hold the optical panels. But to apply any method, you must know what type of damage has occurred; if you find external damage, then you can fix the crack, but if it is internal, for example, if it is related to the hardware, then you can check it by connecting to the nearest device, if the screen is appearing then no problem you can continue repairing it by yourself and if it is not displaying then contact a professional. 

If you want to fix the damage yourself, you must have the appropriate equipment, including a self-locking pin, a little head attractive screwdriver, a little bowl, a table as a working zone, and a plastic putty blade. And when you gather all the mandatory tools, follow these steps to move ahead!

How to Repair the Damaged Screen without Replacing It

Step 1:

Remove the Connection of Laptop

The first and the most important step is to disconnect the current supply of the laptop; for this disconnect, the AC supply and remove the battery. It will help you work in the safest mode because of no electrical connectivity.

Step 2:

Locate the Stickers on the Screen

By tilting your laptop, a little, you will find the side bezels of the damaged laptop screen, and if there are none, you will find the little protrusions or stickers on the sides of the screen that will help remove the covering.

Step 3:

Remove the Screen Covering

Take a sharp object or any needle to peel off the stickers. You can conveniently do this by inserting the arrow on the sides of those stickers or protrusions, marking the top side of that sticker as it will be used again, and keeping it aside.

Step 4:

Remove the Screws

Now you will find the screws on the screen, which you have to remove one by one with the assistance of the screwdriver and place all the screws in a bowl.

Step 5:

Expose the PC

In this step, you have to remove the bezel, which demands extra care, and there you will find a metal casing, and then the PC will be exposed with the wires interfacing the screen. And here, you will find the two important links, one will be the power link, and the other will be the video link. By evacuating the screen interfacing wires and the PC leaves the inverter wire as it is.

Step 6:

Place the Screen

Now you have to place the screen for this you have to repeat all the upper illustrated steps by setting the outer casing with the suitable quality and care. And then switch on the laptop and check whether the display is working or not; if you are satisfied with the results, you can continue using the laptop, but if not, find the solution.

Final Words

During the troublesome occasion when you have cracked your laptop screen, you do not need to panic because the problem is not as big as you are thinking. Now you do not have to go out and spend money to fix the cracked screen as after reading this article you have come to know how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it? Enjoy working with your laptop!