People who are regular laptop users can better understand the term “pink screen.” You must face many minor and major problems if you are a laptop user while using it. One of the screen-related problems is the pink screen that it gets instantly, a common issue. The pink screen of the laptop is frustrating, but it’s not a big deal to resolve this issue on your favorite laptop.

If you are using the laptop and suddenly its screen turns pink, stay calm; it’s not just your issue. You have to know “how to fix pink screen on laptop.” Read till the end if you want to get more information about the pink screen and ways to fix it!

What is Pink Screen?

The electronic devices, mainly laptops, and computers show a display that uses an RGB scheme that indicates red, green, and blue colors. The discoloration of your laptop screen turns it pink when the pink color becomes more prominent. When the red and blue colors are maximum and green is between them, the pink color appears on the screen. The pink color may appear in the mark forms or may turn your whole laptop or Monitor screen pink. The horizontal or vertical lines may also appear on the screen.

Causes of Pink Screen

There are many reasons behind the pink screen on a laptop listed below:

  • Hardware includes faulty monitors, detached cables, drive failure, and defective connections.
  • The software consists of outdated graphic drivers, illegally installed software, faulty software, faulty apps, and viruses.
how to fix pink screen on laptop

Ways to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop

It’s not a big deal to fix the pink screen; you have to follow a few tips or tricks to make things well for you!

#1. Detach Peripherals

Sometimes the peripherals of the laptop are the reason for the pink screen, so detach it to fix the problem. Take care of a few things to ensure your laptop security. Turn off your laptop before detaching the peripherals.

#2. Restart Laptop

The programs running on the laptop may cause the pink screen issue. So, think to restart your laptop to clear the “head” of your laptop that will help you fix this issue.

#3. Update Graphic Cards

Updating the graphic cards can fix the pink screen of your laptop by following the given steps!

  • Press Windows button +X simultaneously, and you will get the list. Just open and choose “device manager.”
  • Find the graphic cards from display adapters.
  • Get the “update drive” option by right-clicking on the graphic card.
  • Click on “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

#4. GPU Temperature Checking

Overheating can be one of the reasons behind the frustrating pink look of your laptop screen. So, check the GPU temperature and keep a proper check and balance on it to avoid overheating.

#5. Delete Temporary Files

Many auto-created files remain on the laptop after uninstalling the apps. Delete these unwanted files to avoid the risk of the significant pink screen of your laptop.

#6. Reset Display Settings

The reset of the factory is a fantastic trick to resolve this issue. Reset the display in its original setting and solve the problem of the pink screen you are facing.

#7. Re-Install Apps

Many apps or software are installed with many tampered files cause the pink screen. Uninstall it first and then re-install the particular apps to avoid the risk of missing or corrupted files that are the main reason behind the pink screen of the laptop.

#8. Change Connector Cable

The faulty cable connector can damage your laptop by turning its screen pink in color. You must change the cable connector and use the right one for your laptop. First, attach it to your laptop and see whether it will be suitable or not.

#9. New Display

Suppose you don’t get any right way or are tired after applying all the above procedures but don’t get your screen right. It’s time to buy a new display because it may get any permanent damage that can’t be recovered. You can complain to the company if there is a warranty and the company will fix the problem for you. 

Hardware Diagnostics (Manufacturer’s Tools):

  • Some laptop manufacturers provide diagnostic tools that can help identify hardware issues. Check your laptop’s documentation or the manufacturer’s website for these tools.

Perform a System Restore (Windows):

  • If the issue started after a recent software update or installation, you can use System Restore on Windows to revert your system to a previous state.
  • Search for “System Restore” in the Windows search bar and follow the prompts to restore your system to a point before the problem occurred.

Boot into Safe Mode (Software Issue):

  • Boot your laptop into Safe Mode (usually by pressing F8 or Shift + F8 during startup) to see if the pink screen issue persists.
  • If the screen looks normal in Safe Mode, it may indicate a software or driver-related problem.

Run Display Troubleshooter (Windows):

  • If you’re using Windows, you can use the built-in display troubleshooter to identify and fix display problems.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Troubleshoot.”
  • Under “Find and fix other problems,” select “Windows Store Apps” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Verdict on How to fix pink screen on laptop

Anything can be faulty, mainly in the case of electronic devices such as a laptop. But nothing is there that doesn’t have any method to resolve the issue. People get their laptop screen immediately gets pink, which is a significant issue. Stay humble and think for a while about how to fix pink screen on laptop. Just go and follow the steps you choose to fix the pink laptop screen!