There are various ways to recondition the battery, and if you want to know how to recondition a laptop battery? Then it would be surprising to hear that it does not require technical skills. 

The use of laptops has become crucial in this online working era. The most important element of a laptop without which online working is impossible is the battery as it is the weakest part of the laptop and wears out faster; that is why it requires proper attention. You have to notice the battery’s health because the batteries mostly lose their ability to hold a full charge, and purchasing a new laptop would be a painful investment for many of you, so you have to look for some alternative ways like reconditioning the laptop battery. 

Let’s move ahead without further ado to explore all these simple methods!

Different Techniques to Recondition Laptop Battery 

You can recondition your laptop battery with the help of several easy methods, and three of the most convenient methods are elaborated below. 

Let’s have a look at them!

Safety Precautions: Before attempting any battery reconditioning, please consider the following safety precautions:

  1. Work in a well-ventilated area: Some battery processes may release harmful fumes, so ensure good airflow.
  2. Wear protective gear: Safety goggles and gloves are recommended.
  3. Unplug and power down: Remove the laptop’s battery and unplug it from the power source.
  4. Use appropriate tools: Only use tools specifically designed for working with batteries.

Technique No: 01 

Discharge and Recharge the Battery 

It is one of the easiest methods that mostly technicians recommend to check the health of your battery, and for this method, follow these steps:

Step 1: Change the Power Options of Laptop 

If you quickly want to discharge the whole battery of your laptop, then go to the control panel of your laptop where you will find the option of system and security; by right-click, the power option will be displayed, which will lead to the option create power plan, here by choosing the high-performance setting you can disable all power-saving modes temporarily. You can also utilize the option of Changed Advanced Power Settings to change the critical battery level to 1 to 3%. 

Step 2: Charge the Battery to Maximum 

Once you have disabled all the power-saving options, plug your laptop’s charger to fully charge it up to its maximum by turning off the laptop, as this will lead to fast charging. Turn the laptop on after the given charging time to check the battery level by keeping the charger plugged in. 

Step 3: Completely Discharge the Battery 

After unplugging the charger, keep using the laptop until it discharges all the battery charges. When the battery is completely used up again, recharge the battery up to 100% and then change the power options. 

Technique No: 02 

Keep the Battery Cool

It is a fact that by using the laptop, the battery becomes warmer, which is seriously harmful to the battery’s health as it degrades the capacity of the battery to charge properly and use longer. So, if you want to recondition the battery, keep the battery cool that will ultimately retain the functionality of your laptop. 

Technique No: 03 

Freeze the Removeable Battery 

It might somehow sound amazing because this method is very cool. To successfully do this technique work according to the following easy steps:

Step 1: Remove the Battery and Place in a Container 

If your laptop has an attached battery system, stop reading this because this method is not for you. You can use the two upper illustrated techniques, but keep reading if your laptop has a removable battery. 

For this method, first, remove your laptop’s battery and place it in a plastic container or a Ziploc. 

Step 2: Keep the Container in the Fridge 

First, make sure that no water is seeping in the container and the sealing is perfect, then keep the container in the fridge. The timing to keep the container in the fridge is 12 to 24 hours, and it is mandatory to keep out the container right after the 24th hour; otherwise, you will spoil the battery condition. 

Step 3: Take the Battery Out 

Once you have cooled it for a given time, take the battery out from the fridge and warm it at room temperature. 

Step 4: Put the Battery in Laptop

Last but not least, once the battery is cooled up, put it back into the laptop and charge it to its maximum. 

Use Battery Maintenance Software (Optional):

  • Some laptops come with battery maintenance software or utilities that can recalibrate the battery. Check if your laptop has such software, and if it does, use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Conclusion on How To recondition a Laptop Battery

Like the other battery packs, laptop batteries also start losing their ability to charge over time, which demands proper attention. If you find any sign of a weak battery, you can apply any of the three methods discussed in this guide to recondition a laptop battery. Now it has no longer been a mystery how to recondition a laptop battery!