It is a great step to block out the noise that anyone else can’t listen to what you are hearing while using the laptop. Apple is head of technology, but its high–cost items don’t work smoothly with other branded devices. One of their high-quality and efficient devices is lightning headphones. 

Before purchasing the lightning headphones, you wonder about using them with your laptop, and the query arises in mind every time that how to use lightning headphones on laptop. It is not a big deal; several adapters are available that work like a bridge between your laptop and headphones.

If you are curious to get more information about it, read this article till the end!

Solutions- Connect Lightning Headphones to Laptop

1.     USB- A Adapter

Most laptops have a rectangle-shaped USB port on the right or left side of the laptop. This port is used to attach the adapter that gives 2.0 or 3.0 USB speeds. It is slightly difficult to get these adapters, but you can find them from the electronic stores or available in online stores.

The connection method is so convenient as you just need to connect one side of the adapter in the laptop port and another end to the headphones.

2.     USB-C Adapter

Most Apple products offer USB-C adapters that are also available for every popular or commonly used laptop model. These are the small oval-shaped ports to insert the adapter and ensure the connection of the headphones. In the case of an Apple laptop, you need to alter the settings to make the connection easy slightly.

3.     Bluetooth Pair

To avoid the wirings and other complex connection methods, you can also prefer Bluetooth. It is a safe method to connect the laptop with the headphones without using wires or strips.

Benefits of Using Lightning Headphones

People prefer to use lightning headphones due to these features!

  • You will never face any type of interruptions from tangling wires.
  • It is not significant by their side to state that Apple products are a status symbol.
  • The lightning headphones offer reversible connections that are a mode of enjoyment for you.
  • The lightning headphones give amazing audio quality.
  • The lightning headphones offer high-resolution power.
  • The lightning headphones ensure a high and strong connection.
  • They are shorter and slimmer, that is the main feature.
  • It is a newer technology, that’s why everyone wants to use it once.
  • They will make you look rich, among others, and pretend that you are self-obsessed and love ways to make yourself happy.

Pros and cons


  • Digital audio quality for high-resolution sound.
  • Can provide active noise cancellation without extra battery.
  • Compatibility with newer Apple devices (iPhone 7 and later).


  • Limited compatibility with non-Apple devices.
  • Incompatibility with devices that lack a Lightning port.
  • May require an adapter for use with traditional audio jacks.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Right Adapter

Many things must be considered while getting the accurate adapter for you!

  • Ensure the USB side must be male and go inside the laptop USB port.
  • Make sure the lightning end of the headphone should be female.
  • Many adapters are used just for charging; no audio transfer is offered. So make sure the strong audio transfer between both devices.
  • After getting the right adapter, bless them with strong care that matters a lot for enhancing the life span of your adapter and headphones.
How to use lightning headphones on laptop

Why is it Difficult to Use Lightning Headphones on Laptop?

The older audio jack will not work with the newer iPhones in case of all the electronic parts that were compatible with them.

Just like this, the Apple lightning headphones can’t be connected with devices having a 3.5mm jack. People need the lightning adapter to rectify the problem of having older iPhones or other devices. 

There are Apple lightning adapters specifically designed from the Apple brand as the Apple products. They are costly, even out of range many times. So be careful while choosing the adapter and headphones for you by considering their future value.


The lightning headphones are fantastic to use as a good piece of equipment. You can’t use the headphones with the laptop without any bridge or connector. You always need an adapter to develop a connection between the headphones and the laptop.

Make sure the final value of the adapter you will purchase because many adapters just come into the market for the charging purpose, not for audio transfer.

So first, understand the purpose for which you are going to purchase to make the right decision for yourself. Hopefully, everything is clear now about how to use lightning headphones on laptop!